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Become an Ambassador

What is Inery Ambassador Program?

The Inery Ambassador Program is a dedicated platform, specifically designed for enthusiastic community members who are passionate about spreading Inery's story worldwide. By promoting Inery as a company and its technological solutions, they directly contribute to Inery's growth and, in return, earn rewards.

Who can join the Ambassador Program?

The Inery Ambassador Program welcomes all community members actively engaged in social media and eager to promote Inery.

We offer two distinct paths within the program:

  • Support Ambassadors: This path is perfect for those who may not have a massive social media following but possess a strong desire to champion Inery.
  • Content Creator Ambassadors: If you have your own social media audience and love creating content, this path is tailor-made for you.

Support Ambassadors

As mentioned earlier, Support Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting Inery and, in return, enjoy rewards. Support Ambassadors have simple daily tasks like liking, commenting on, and sharing Inery's social media content. These tasks are spread across the week and cover all of Inery's social platforms. The best part? Anyone can be a Support Ambassador; there are no specific requirements like follower counts, engagement rates, or content quality. As long as they follow the rules of the Ambassador Program and the social media platforms, they can continue their support.

Content Creator Ambassadors

Content Creator Ambassadors are creative individuals who craft their own social media content. While anyone can apply to become one, there are specific criteria like follower count, engagement rate, and content quality that must be met. They can express themselves through various formats, including text, short and long video clips, and visual creations.

Currently, during the Beta phase of the Ambassador program, we're active on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Content Creator Ambassadors -
Classification and Criteria

1K - 10K followers:

Twitter Engagement rate:

Approximately 0.50%

Instagram Engagement rate:

Approximately 2.53%

TikTok Engagement rate:

Approximately 15.20%

10K - 50K followers:

Twitter Engagement rate:

Approximately 0.50%

Instagram Engagement rate:

Approximately 1.06%

TikTok Engagement rate:

Approximately 12.40%

50K - 100K followers:
Mid-tier influencers

Twitter Engagement rate:

Approximately 1%

Instagram Engagement rate:

Approximately 0.91%

TikTok Engagement rate:

Approximately 10.90%

100K - 500K followers:

Twitter Engagement rate:

Approximately 1%

Instagram Engagement rate:

Approximately 0.86%

TikTok Engagement rate:

Approximately 10.80%

& Celebrities

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Benefits for Support Ambassadors

Support Ambassadors enjoy several advantages, including the fact that they don't require specific skills or expertise in photo or video editing, nor do they need to write lengthy texts. They receive daily tasks that can be completed quickly, and on a monthly basis, there's an opportunity to earn a significant amount of INR tokens if all tasks are completed within the month.

Benefits for Content Creator Ambassadors

Content Creators have the flexibility to discuss payment terms and methods separately, as per the terms and conditions. Upon joining the Ambassador Program, they receive direct contact information for an Inery team member responsible for the program. This not only allows them to negotiate payment details but also offers them a chance to share their ideas and collaborate more closely with Inery.

How to Become an
Inery Ambassador

Step 1

Visit the website
Upon arriving at the website, you will be directed to the registration page.

Step 2

Complete the registration fields and verify your account through the email you receive.

Step 3

Once you've successfully completed the verification, you'll receive a confirmation email. The next step is to choose a program and submit your application.
Support Ambassadors can join without further validation, while Content Creator Ambassador applications undergo a validation process by the Inery team.

Step 4

On the main dashboard, select your desired program. Review the general ambassador rules in a popup, agree to them, and proceed. Then, choose the appropriate Content Creator level based on your follower count and provide a link to your social media profile. Your application is now complete.

*Note: You can apply for the same program once every three months, so please ensure you meet the criteria before applying to avoid a waiting period in case of rejection.

Tasks for Support Ambassador

Tasks for
Support Ambassador

Tasks for Support Ambassadors are simple yet abundant throughout the day since they are closely tied to Inery's presence on various social media platforms. Each task involves receiving a link to a post, which Support Ambassadors are required to like, comment, and share on their own profiles. Once all three components of a task are completed, they should submit the links to their actions in the provided field when marking the task as finished.

Our team will then review the task to ensure it was executed correctly and will approve it accordingly. Tasks may be rejected if their quality is subpar or if the wrong link is provided as proof of task completion. For those who find this process challenging, using screenshots uploaded to platforms like Imgur, Google Drive, or similar services is an alternative. In cases where a task is rejected, users have the opportunity to redo it by clicking on the task in question on the dashboard, where they will find a pop-up with the task description and a place to submit the correct link.

Tasks for Content Creators Ambassadors

Tasks for
Content Creators Ambassadors

Tasks for Content Creators demand a touch of creativity and platform-specific skills. Each task is carefully tailored to suit the particular requirements of the platform in question. For those on Twitter, tasks often involve crafting informative threads that explain or showcase concepts to their followers through text.

On the other hand, content creators on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram predominantly work with video content. YouTubers can look forward to tasks that encompass comprehensive project explanations and tutorials, while TikTokers and Instagram Ambassadors are tasked with promoting projects through concise and engaging video clips.
Content Creators have an open line of communication with our team members, and we wholeheartedly welcome them to reach out in case of disagreements, uncertainties, dissatisfaction with task rewards, or the need for guidance in locating information to complete a task.

We even recommend that they share their work with our team members for review before posting it on social media, as this approach facilitates prompt corrections if any issues arise.

The rewards for Content Creators vary, contingent on the strength/caliber of their profile, the complexity of the task, and the effort invested. To attain satisfactory quality, content must meet high standards, and active engagement with the post itself plays a pivotal role.

Content Creator Ambassadors

The payment process for Ambassadors involves several steps:

KYC Verification:

The initial step for every Ambassador to receive payment for their work is to accurately complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) information on the platform. It's crucial to provide precise details, including their wallet address for earnings and the necessary photos, such as both sides of their identification document (if applicable) and a clear photo of themselves holding the provided document. Understanding that KYC is essential for safeguarding both users and the company against any potential misuse of others' work.

Withdrawal Requests:

Ambassadors have the privilege to submit a withdrawal request from the platform to their wallet address once every 30 days. After opting to withdraw their earnings, they must refrain from repeating the transaction for the next 30 days, even if they accumulate additional tokens through tasks during that period.

These procedures are in place to ensure secure payments and transparent disbursement of earnings to each Ambassador.

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Future Plans

Mobile App Development: We're close to finishing the alpha version of the mobile app for the Ambassador program. This app will make it easier for Ambassadors to stay updated on new tasks and task statuses, improving their efficiency and potential earnings.

Inery Courses: We'll introduce courses within the platform for Ambassadors to earn Inery certifications. These certifications will grant them access to special groups, allowing them to represent Inery and collaborate with our team on system improvements.

Events: We're planning events where Ambassadors worldwide can join us. This is an opportunity for Ambassadors to connect with our team, spend time together, and create unique content for their social media platforms.

Platform and App Improvements: We're continuously working to enhance the platform, improve the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and make system refinements based on feedback from our Ambassadors.