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Inery Discord Invitation Challenge


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Inery is the first-ever decentralized database management and blockchain solution. Leveraging technology, Inery integrates blockchain functionalities with the best properties of conventional distributed database management. This allows Inery to facilitate a decentralized, immutable, secure, and affordable solution along with the characteristics of distributed database management such as low latency and complex query functions.

Activating a new data paradigm, Inery seeks to reimagine database management and blockchain solutions. We want to offer Inerians, our community, the chance to join us as we collectively activate an upgradable way of accessing data. With the upcoming launch, we bring you a chance to participate and engage with the community through the ‘Discord Invite Contest’.

Bring in your friends and family on our Discord platform to get a chance to win guaranteed allocation in Inery’s launch event and cashback

How to participate?

The rules are simple. Ensure that you complete all the below mentioned steps to receive the chance of guaranteed allocation and cashback.

  1. Join our Discord

If you are not yet on our Discord, join our Discord server by clicking on this link:


2. Invite referrals

Spread Inery’s vision of enabling a sustainable foundation for database management amongst your friends and families and invite at least 1 referral to Inery’s Discord channel.


3. Follow Twitter

After you have invited at least 1 referral to our Discord, follow the Twitter account of Inery.

4. Check Gleam

Please note that it is mandatory to complete all these steps on our Gleam to be eligible to win the $INR Token Allocation.



A total of $21100 (worth of $INR tokens) is allocated to participants of the Discord Invite contest. The Discord autobot will be allocating ranks to individual participants depending upon their engagement in the overall server.

Winners will be selected depending upon their ranks. The first three winners will receive the guaranteed token allocation plus the Cashback as a reward for their engagement and participation in our invite contest. The winners will be announced 3 days before our TGE.

The community round allocation will be given to the top 3 winners:

1st Rank: $2500 + $500 Cashback

2nd Rank: $2000 + $250 Cashback

3rd Rank: $1500 + $100 Cashback

To reward your participation in the invite contest, we have reserved more allocations for participants based on their rank:

Rank 4 to 7: $800

Rank 8 to 10: $600

Rank 11 to 25: $400

Rank 26 to 50: $200

Wild Card: $100

This is the beginning of our journey to activate a new paradigm for database
management. We are excited to welcome you all and wish you all the best!

About Inery

Inery is the first-ever decentralized database management and blockchain solution with the vision to enable a new paradigm for data. The platform activates an upgradeable way of accessing data by combining blockchain technology functionalities such as immutability, security and user-controlled data assets with distributed database management properties such as low latency and complex queries. Its layer-1 blockchain enables cross-chain interoperability, scalability and an environmentally sustainable network to support the deployment of decentralized applications.

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