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IneryDB: Exploring the Various Use Cases


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When you look into it deep enough, you realize that most industries share the same database problems. Issues like security, single points of failure (SPoF), and data silos create a cascading effect, resulting in the majority of industry-specific snags.

But where do these “first-domino” problems come from? Do they have a shared root? Sort of.

As it turns out, we can trace most database headaches to centralization. Centralized databases are SPoF nightmares just waiting to become reality. And that’s not even mentioning the potential for data siloing among departments that centralize and wall off their data from the wider organization. From there, vulnerabilities, profit leaks, and general inefficiencies abound.

All of this begs the question: how can a decentralized database improve matters?

This is what Inery strives to explore. Inery’s decentralized DBMS based on a layer-1 blockchain offers a radical approach to database management. Below are the ways in which that approach fixes database pain points across industries.

Note: you can learn about these use cases in greater detail on our blog. In each section, you’ll find a link that leads to a more in-depth post.

Real Estate

Digitization and Modernization of Land Registration

  • Empowers real estate authorities to keep timestamped land records of change-of-hand activity through buying,  inheritance, or selling

  • Improves transparency, integrity, and accountability to land registration processes

  • Reinforces trust in land registry records through digitization, automation, and decentralization of the registration process

Property Tokenization

  • Serves as a validation tool for legal proof of ownership, including all the property’s tamper-free history recorded on-chain

  • Tokenizes properties to improve transparency and provide accessibility and liquidity to real estate investment

  • Assures buyers that they aren’t purchasing duplicates

  • Inery’s value contracts automatically update records, making land titling processes practically instant

Secure, Self-Sovereign Land Transactions

  • Inery’s encryption solution makes data exclusively accessible to stakeholders by way of private keys

  • Value contracts can predefine permissions for land records, thus giving them total control over access

Learn more about Inery’s role in real estate

Government Sector

Streamlined Administrative Processes

  • Cuts out administrative processes from intermediary bodies like specialty pharmacies, nurse case managers, and insurance providers

  • Improves efficiency of data extraction and analysis for accounting purposes

  • Operations like education-related fee payments and digital identity authentication become faster and easier

Increased Trust in Institutions

  • Transparent blockchains may nurture trust in institutions working as intended

  • Inery Blockchain deters election tampering

  • International diplomacy records could be supported with a reliable record of exchange

Less Corruption

  • Tamper-proof, transparent data ecosystem impedes bad-faith actors wanting to move assets freely

  • Opaque processes like grant disbursements for social assistance and humanitarian aid would become transparent and “cleaner”

  • Money laundering and other types of illicit financial siphoning become harder to manage

Learn more about Inery’s role in government sectors.


Sovereignty Over Medical Data

  • Eliminates third-party agency meddling with the help of unique cryptographic private keys offered to patients

  • Patients decide who in the various healthcare verticals and stakeholders (insurance firms, doctors, medical research centers…) can access their information

  • Patients determine how their data is used

  • Patients can be compensated via tokens for third-party use of their data

Improved Healthcare Security

  • Removes risks of a single point of failure that results in so many healthcare data breaches

  • Provides a single source of truth to all stakeholders

  • Patient records and other data is protected via encryption

No Counterfeit Drugs

  • Easy, reliable monitoring and tracing of drugs for evading counterfeit activities

  • Transparency allows stakeholders to effortlessly track patients’ medical history

  • Drug-related data is stored on the blockchain in a tamper-proof way to prevent unauthorized deletion or modification

Learn more about Inery’s role in healthcare.

Ecommerce and Logistics

Reduced Operational Costs

  • Customers interact with online stores directly without third parties, exchanging data from digital wallet to digital wallet

  • Reduces complexity in e-commerce 3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

  • Tracks transparent, immutable data in real time, also reducing the risk of costly errors during storage transportation

Safer eStore and Customer Data

  • Renders cyber attacks are practically impossible due to the immutable and transparent data architecture

  • Built-in security structure cuts costs otherwise spent on measures against attacks like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or malware

  • Customers can connect in a peer-to-peer network and can shop using encryption-protected profiles

Better Tracking of Goods

  • Readily provides information about the state and location of ordered merchandise to all stakeholders from warehouse to doorstep

  • Every detail of a particular order is indelibly recorded, minimizing risks of duplicate orders

  • Warehouses enjoy more up-to-date inventory data, optimizing pace usage and slashing maintenance costs

Learn more about Inery’s role in ecommerce and logistics.


Reliable Source of Truth

  • Enables immutable, transparent data about the date of airplane part installment, due date for maintenance, making Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services cheaper

  • Allows tracking continuous data accurately, such as ranging from tracking flight paths to baggage onboarding

  • Facilitates monitoring of assets like spare parts or cargo

Keeping Aviation Systems Secure and Crash-Free

  • Offers a decentralized infrastructure to eliminate single points of failure that lead to communication breakdowns between airplanes and control towers

  • Asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance keeps airplane sensory devices running without delays

  • Scheduling and ticketing systems become far less likely to crash or freeze

Streamlining the Customer-Service Journey

  • Free of intermediaries, airline customers can directly access their desired services

  • Removes intermediaries that compound complexity and increase the risk of errors (e.g., travel agencies)

  • Saves time for stakeholders and boosts revenue for the industry

Learn more about Inery’s role in aviation.


Improved Security

  • Decentralized, immutable solution for managing user data and documents, helping reduce forgery but also curb the submission of fraudulent documents

  • No single-point-of-failure risks, greatly adding to network security

  • A home country operator of a user that lost their phone can cooperate with telecom operators in other countries to detect the misplaced/stolen device

Continuous, Scalable Data Flow

  • Offers a powerful Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution that handles micro and metadata

  • Empowers effective database management by enabling DPoS and asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance

  • Inery’s layer-1 blockchain solution allows enterprises to scale up or scale down without hindrance

Customer Identity Management

  • Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution to connect end consumers and digital services at large

  • Allows telecom service providers to store unique device/SIM data on the blockchain, along with the user’s profile

  • Data recorded on a blockchain cannot be changed or deleted, making it ideal for storing verifiable and trustworthy user data

Learn more about Inery’s role in telecommunications.


Attribution and Ownership of Assets

  • Proven digital ownership and attribution over collectibles and assets

  • Lets content stay consistent across nodes and resistant to tampering, solidifying ownership

  • Mathematically verifiable digital scarcity of in-game assets as a critical value proposition for the underlying asset

Data Privacy and Security

  • Eliminates privacy and security threats like hacking

  • Third-party companies can only access user data with user permission

NFTs for Asset Ownership and Trading

  • Enables users and enterprises to mint, create, collect, and own NFTs within the game ecosystem

  • Interoperable, decentralized blockchain allows for easy sharing of NFTs between players and game worlds

  • Offers scalability, security, and unparalleled speeds for streamlined trading

Learn more about Inery’s role in GameFi and gaming.

Power Industry

Energy Trading and Automatic Trade Settlement

  • Disintermediates interactions between power companies and consumers

  • Helps forge a personal connection between producer and customer

  • Facilitates peer-to-peer electricity trading by enabling apartment owners to sell surplus electricity back to the power grid

Instant Energy Certificates

  • Manages and verifies transactions to eliminate duplicates and prevent double spending

  • Issues instant and automated energy certificates to consumers using Inery

  • Promote the use of renewable energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint

Smart Grid

  • Helps reduce reaction time to power fluctuations, allowing for a high-quality and stable energy supply

  • Facilitates smart meters for more accurate consumer power usage readings in real time

  • Smart meter recording can be stored on IneryDB, making firms more consumer-centric, saving overhead costs, and streamlining efficiencies

Learn more about Inery’s role in the power industry.

Inery for a Better World of Database Management

The flexible, innovative nature of Inery’s database technology makes it a great fit for a host of industries and use cases. Data security and consistent performance quality are at the core of Inery Technology—how you choose to best use it is up to you.


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