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Reshaping the Metaverse Fabric


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  • Big tech poses several bottlenecks for creators to grow.
  • The metaverse opens up a whole host of opportunities for creators but most blockchains are siloed and are not built with decentralized data storage of large files.
  • IneryDB overcomes all of these challenges to make the metaverse more accessible and interoperable. Thereby leveling the playing field for all creators alike.

Big tech has been holding independent artists and creators to unfair and unreasonable terms for a long while now.

Digital influencers and artists have had to constantly adapt their content to stay in line with the corporate-friendly changes being constantly rolled out on major platforms. Recently, Meta even announced a nearly 50% cut from the sales of virtual assets, and creators have no option but to abide!

While creators’ interest groups have already tried to fight back against big tech, it almost seems futile given the monopoly they hold over the digital space.

Quintessence of Web 3.0 and The Creator Economy

Independent artists and creators will be further marginalized if Meta (formerly Facebook) takes over the metaverse like it has engulfed web 2.0. They will have to compete with big tech for viewership and ad revenue, which will be increasingly difficult to generate as big tech continues to monopolize the digital space.

While several creators are of the opinion that a “blockchain-based Meta” would have less control, nothing could be further from the truth. Blockchains can also be private just as much as they could be public. With Meta’s reputation for transparency and profitability, the chances are that their approach to using blockchain would be the former.

This would lead to the continuous centralization of power within a select few and the monopolization of the metaverse.

We believe that for the web 3.0 era to truly be realized, we need a fabric that is decentralized at its core so that anyone can create without worrying about being censored or having their content taken down.

The web as we know it is undergoing a major shift with the advent of decentralization, which is being made possible by blockchain technology.

The new web is being built on the principles of decentralization, transparency, and immutability. This means that users will finally have control over their data, and creators will be able to monetize their content without having to rely on ad revenue.

With the metaverse coming into place, a decentralized platform may be just the solution for creators and artists alike to fully gain control over their works and how they wish to distribute them.

Metaverse Over Big Tech

Algorithms of centralized platforms can be flawed or biased keeping the entity at the center instead of the creator, making it almost too easy to get demonetized and having content taken down.

Music, digital art, and other online content are often treated as “disposable” on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The artists may spend anywhere from hours to months creating something, the platform will only display it for a while.

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a content creator is that you never know where your data will end up. Creators are often not in complete control when they upload their work onto centralized platforms, which can lead to unexpected results and user behavior analytics for some artists who have changed what kind of topics should be addressed.

Other unfair practices by big tech include data collection for targeted advertising, market domination, lack of safe harbor protections, and numerous other abuses that often degrade the online creative space.

The development of blockchain technology, and in turn the metaverse, has created a new and improved space for digital creators. They will no longer need to play by the restrictive rules placed by big tech. Instead, the decentralized nature of the metaverse allows them the freedom and opportunity to create, display, and earn from their content as they duly wish.

Creators will lose out on potential revenue streams if they are limited to a singular platform for their work.

Interoperability is key in the metaverse, as it allows for different blockchains and applications to interact with each other. This allows for a more decentralized ecosystem, where users are in control of their data and can interact with a variety of applications.

By building on the principle of interoperability, different blockchains and applications can interact with each other. This allows for a more decentralized ecosystem, where users are in control of their data and can interact with a variety of applications. This also allows for creativity and innovation to thrive, as developers can create new applications that work with different blockchains leading to a more diverse and vibrant metaverse, where users can explore a variety of content and applications.

The Metaverse is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to grow into a robust and decentralized platform that can rival centralized platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for better and more immersive social experiences.

As the metaverse continues to grow and mature, we believe that it will provide a more fair and equitable space for digital creators. They will no longer need to worry about being censored or having their content taken down. Instead, they will be able to freely create and distribute their content.

IneryDB to Bridge the Gap

IneryDB is a solution that provides one entry to the entire metaverse domain. It is built with interoperability in mind so that users can access any corner of the metaverse with just a few clicks.

This will allow creators to post their work on IneryDB once, and have it appear everywhere else automatically. Not only will this make life easier for creators, but it will also help promote their work to a wider audience.

Additionally, we are working on integrations with other popular platforms and services so that users can easily post their content there as well.

While several geniuses are jumping on the bandwagon of the metaverse and many companies dedicating a large chunk of their R&D budget to the same, the issue is that they are all working in a highly segmented manner. Even if one entity creates a breakthrough, it would be difficult for others to benefit from it due to the lack of interoperability.

Operating on the premise of free-flowing knowledge and open-source information should be at the heart of web 3.0 for faster developments and increased adoption.

With IneryDB, our goal is to provide a unifying platform that can act as a bridge between all the siloed metaverse initiatives and help accelerate the development of the metaverse.

We are building IneryDB to be the single entry point to the metaverse. It will be a directory of all the different metaverse applications and platforms. Users will be able to find anything they’re looking for, and creators will be able to promote their work to a wider audience.

With Inery, users have a secure medium to transfer data and assets across metaverses without the risk of centralized cross-chain bridge exploits.

By combining blockchain and legacy database management systems, Inery provides a unique solution that is both secure and scalable for both creators and institutions alike.

Inery is committed to helping creators and artists take control of their work and earn from it the way they deserve. We believe that the metaverse should be a level playing field for all, and IneryDB is one step towards making that a reality.

The current online landscape heavily favors big tech companies over independent creators and artists. These corporations have unfair control over how content is distributed and monetized, often dictating terms that are unfavorable to creators. The metaverse presents an opportunity to change all that.

About Inery

Inery is the first-ever layer-1 blockchain offering the solution of decentralized database management with the vision to enable a new paradigm for data. Inery is designed to enable cross-chain communication of data, greater speed, and better security. It specifically addresses database management integrated with blockchain functionalities and distributed database management properties.

The Inery database management solution (IneryDB) allows a secure, low-cost, and immutable way for database management where the control of private information remains in the hands of users and enterprises. It sets the base for the web3 future to enable value creation by seamlessly connecting with other systems, applications, and layer-1 networks.

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