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What is Inery?


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The World Wide Web Made For Users - By Users

What is Inery?

Inery is a decentralized data system based on a proprietary level-1 blockchain. 

Simply put, it is a way for Web3 and blockchain-based projects to be truly decentralized - by removing the need for centralized databases and related services while maintaining high security, low latency, high throughput, and ensuring complete owner control over data assets. 

The Problem Inery is Solving

Nowadays, a lot of blockchain projects have no real-world application. Either no one has a problem for them to solve, or they're inventing hot water and solving a problem that already has dozens of solutions available. 

Inery is solving a very real problem of data system decentralization, data management, security, and stability. With Inery Decentralized Data System, true Web 3 is just a node away.

The network aims to provide enterprises and users with a secure and transparent way of data management, as well as give them complete control over their data. Inery guarantees users privacy, security against breaches, and affordability in data storage or data sharing while optimizing performance. Being decentralized means that it protects users’ and business data from the single point of failure crisis that plagues the centralized infrastructures. This is achieved by managing user data via multiple servers across the network (MEM nodes). 

It also prevents central organizations or a few individuals from manipulating users’ data for their own gains. Its features ensure that the data can only be accessed by the corresponding user with pre-defined authority. Hence, the users decide who can access their data and how they can use it and are compensated whenever their data is utilized. Besides boosting the accountability and authenticity of information, it also promotes cross-chain compatibility to enable different blockchains and metaverses to communicate and transfer data or assets seamlessly and without compromising security.

Inery Blockchain is 

* public chain developed specifically for our decentralized data management system, with a private decentralized data system on top

* running on POS (proof of stake) consensus mechanism that makes it Sybil attack resistant, less energy-consuming, and sustainable, as well as  providing high throughput

* DAO governed for cohesion and decentralization among stakeholders.

* Cross-chain interoperable - via Inery GUI, we enable cross-chain data exchange (burn on one chain, mint on the other)

* tamper resistant, meaning that data once stored on Inery blockchain, cannot be modified or deleted by third parties

* High speed/low cost, which is possible thanks to MEM nodes, and high throughput and low latency that are in Inery blockchain DNA.

The use cases for Inery Decentralized Data System

Inery is positioned to serve diverse industries, including governments, enterprises, financial institutions, healthcare, aviation, real estate, GameFi, educational institutions, etc. 

Just think - whether it's data, transactions, or assets, Inery Decentralized Data System can be utilized to make it better. 

In addition, developers can leverage its high performance and scalability advantages to create and launch metaverse dApps on top of its blockchain solution. Inery is laying the foundation for Web3 by connecting applications, systems, and blockchains. Its database management solution enables enterprises and developers to safely store, manage, access, and provide data on a distributed infrastructure. 

$INR token

Inery’s native utility token is the $INR, and its value comes from its practical use in the ecosystem. It secures and powers the distributed data system serving the following purposes:

Validators: $INR tokens help in securing the blockchain via staking. It also enables proof validation, transaction relays, and verifying and finalizing blocks.

Staking: Token holders can stake their $INR to become a node in the system and earn through transaction validation and block creation.

Storage: $INR tokens act as the exchange unit for accessing IneryDB, the decentralized data system.

Access: The tokens are vital for engaging with Inery’s products and services and in incentivizing actions within the ecosystem.

Grants: The ecosystem disburses recurring grants in the form of its native token in its Grants program.

About the Company

Based in Singapore, Inery has branch offices in Dubai, Switzerland, and Serbia that accommodate agile, cross-functional, in-house teams fully dedicated to Inery's development and success. 

The Team

Simon Murray – CBE and chairman

Simon Murray is well known for his leading roles in some of the most established companies worldwide, including but not limited to the Chairman of the world’s largest commodity company Glencore in Switzerland, executive chairman of Deutsche bank group Asia, Group Managing director of Hutchison Wimpoa, Founder of Orange mobile company and Distacom telecom. He served as an advisor and/or on the board of - Vodafone, Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, Hermes, Vivendi Universal, Macquarie bank, N.M. Rothschild, General Electric USA, China National Oil Corporation(CNOOC), and many more. He currently serves on the advisory board of luxury companies Richemont SA, Essar PLC, Omnicorp Ltd, and other companies. 

Now he brings his vast knowledge and business experience to Inery.

Dr. Naveen Singh – Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Inery CEO is a Switzerland- based entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. Before starting his illustrious career, he was an Olympic-style wrestler, representing both India and Switzerland at the international level, demonstrating a competitive spirit that now gives him the edge in business. 

In the past 15 years, he has worked with both startups and large-scale companies. 

He currently serves on the board of health-tech companies based in Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Montenegro. He is also on the board of directors of telecoms and IT companies in Switzerland and Italy. 

As a blockchain- enthusiast, he has been closely observing developments in this field since 2016 and firmly believes that data decentralization should be our next big goal.

Ivan Vujic – Chief Technical Officer and co-founder

Inery CTO has over 15 years of experience in the IT and blockchain fields. He has led multiple teams to develop several advanced IT projects from scratch - such as a centralized crypto exchange, a peer-to-peer communication app, a Healthtech big data mining ecosystem, etc. 

Ivan has also served as a business advisor for the digital assets and the IT field on various companies’ advisory boards in Germany and Switzerland. He is the behind-the-scenes architect of the Inery project and head of a large tech team consisting of senior programmers based out of three offices in Serbia. 


Inery Advisors

Some of the core members from Inery’s board of advisors include: 

David Munro Anderson

A pioneer in the establishment of the futures contract trading industry in London, David Munro Anderson is a successful Scottish businessman. Over his distinguished career, he served as former vice-chairman of the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange and chairman of the formation committee for the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), which would become one of the largest energy futures and options exchanges in the world.

Stefan Oksner

Stefan is focused on representing the investors of the Middle East in Ukraine and promoting public interests of business from Ukraine internationally. Stefan Oksner is a business development expert with 10 years of work experience in various economic sectors, majorly in Ukraine and the Middle East markets. Stefan has a strong reputation in founding the organizations and a track record of closing multi-million dollar foreign investment deals to improve the broad range of foreign policy, trade, and public policy files.

Bally Singh

Bally Singh is an entrepreneur and investor with diverse experience in business operations worldwide. His passion for innovation led him on a journey that began when he founded Rich List Group in 2010 and co-founded Hoko Group in 2014. Today, Bally is the Chief Marketing Officer at Everdome and Metahero.

Obi Cubana

Obi Cubana has built his reputation thanks to successfully delivering outstanding results for several companies over the years. He has been the CEO of Cubana Group for over 11 years and served as the Business Development Manager at Unilever. He has also won several awards for his leadership and entrepreneurial skills, including the Democracy Heroes Award (2018), Ghana-Nigeria Achievers Award (2017), Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2016), and many more.


In the end

A problem worth solving, with many parties interested in using the solution. 

A token with clear utility and a sustainable ecosystem.

And a strong, fully in-house team consisting of businessmen with proven track records and experienced IT professionals ensure that Inery delivers on its promise.

Welcome to Inery, where we bring DB to Web3.


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