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Inery Tehnical Roadmap 2024


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We know the anticipation has been building, and we truly appreciate your patience and continued support. Our team has been diligently working behind the scenes, pouring their expertise and passion into every aspect of Inery's development. It's with great excitement that we finally unveil what we've been crafting: the comprehensive Roadmap for Inery for 2024. 

With a little bonus: the Inery GUI roadmap. 

This journey hasn't been without its challenges, and we're incredibly grateful for the feedback and insights from our community. Your voice has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of Inery's evolution. As many of you are aware, numerous tech and blockchain enterprises have faced significant challenges recently. 

However, Inery stands apart, navigating through without the turmoil that has beset others.

Dive into our roadmap, where each quarter marks significant milestones—from the launch of Inery Blockchain V-2.0.0, focusing on overcoming previous challenges and optimizing our system, to the continuous development and enhancement of IneryQL and GUI. 

We're setting the stage for a year of groundbreaking advancements and fantastic partnerships. Your support fuels our mission, and we're thrilled to have you with us every step of the way. Here's to a year of achievements, growth, and technological excellence with Inery in 2024!


Q1 2024

  • Inery Blockchain V-2.0.0:

    • Analyze Inery blockchain v1 bugs & challenges.

    • Begin Research & Development for enhanced scalability, security, and consensus mechanisms.

  • Inery GUI 1.10 -> 2.0:

    • Initiate User Experience Enhancement.

    • Optimize Table view for complex Objects data structures.

    • Enhance Backup & Encryption services.

    • Start development of new features and data visualization tools.

  • IneryQL Versions Up:

    • Launch the IneryQL website.

    • Engage with the developer community for feedback.

Q2 2024

  • Inery Blockchain V-2.0.0:

    • Beta Testing:

      • Launch a beta version for limited user testing.

      • Collect and analyze feedback for improvements.

    • Implementation of Feedback:

      • Refine the blockchain based on beta testing insights.

      • Optimize the decentralized database management system.

    • Conduct comprehensive security audits to ensure robustness against threats.

  • Inery GUI 1.10 -> 2.0:

    • Implement automatic schema mapping for database migration.

    • Develop a wizard for streamlined data imports.

    • Start Alpha testing and gather initial user feedback.

  • IneryQL Versions Up:

    • Release the first incremental version update.

    • Introduce INJECT statement for data insertion.

    • Support common aggregate functions.

    • Optimize indexing mechanisms for improved performance.

Q3 2024

  • Inery Blockchain V-2.0.0:

    • The official release of Inery blockchain V-2.0.0 with comprehensive documentation.

    • Launch Testnet 2 and Explorer 2.

    • Conduct further security audits.

  • Inery GUI 1.10 -> 2.0:

    • Roll out the Beta version for extensive testing.

    • Focus on bug fixes and performance optimization.

    • Implement Data Transformation Scripts for custom data manipulation.

    • Release MongoDB plugin.

  • IneryQL Versions Up:

    • Release the second incremental version update.

    • Introduce Stored Procedures for complex operations.

    • Enable users to define Custom Functions in IneryQL.

Q4 2024

  • Inery Blockchain V-2.0.0:

    • Continue to upgrade blockchain utility.

    • Introduce Web Socket plugin as a new blockchain API.

    • Launch Local-Chain as a stand-alone solution for private database clusters.

  • Inery GUI 2.0 ->:

    • Continue developing and releasing new updates.

    • Provide comprehensive user guides and support materials.

  • IneryQL Versions Up:

    • Release the final version update for the year.

    • Develop a Testing Framework for reliability and correctness.

    • Evaluate the year’s progress and plan for the next year's developments.

Throughout the Year

  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Regularly engage with technology firms and research institutions to foster innovation.

  • Compliance and Regulation: Continuously monitor regulatory changes and ensure compliance with evolving standards.

  • Customer Feedback: Consistently collect and integrate customer feedback to improve user satisfaction.

  • Market Analysis: Regularly conduct market trend analysis and monitor competitor activities to stay competitive and responsive to market needs.



Inery GUI Versions Roadmap

  • Currently LSR: V-1.9.0

  • Bug fixes and optimization: V-1.10 - V1.13.0


  • V-1.10.0: New Table View

  • Improved Table view to support objects structured compositions instances.

  • Optimized DB's Actions aggregation (More actions can be placed inside one transaction) for scalability.


  • V-1.11.0: User Experience Enhancement & Bug Fixes

  • Template Page Upgrade.

  • Composition Structure Card.

  • Encryption and Pagination bug fix.


  • V-1.12.0: Components Redesign & Bug Fixes

  • Hexagon View.

  • Filter & Scope Bar.

  • Backup and Expose API bug fix.

  • Action Archive Plugin.


  • V-1.13.0: Database Overview Page & Bug Fixes

  • Permission system bug fix.


  • V-1.14.0: Blockchain Explorer Plugin

  • Optional plugin that gives users real-time monitoring of the blockchain network.

  • Major Release V-2.0.0: MongoDB Plugin


  • V-2.1.0: Import Data from CSV, JSON, and XML Formats

  • Create a database model and import data from the most popular and widely used data formats.


  • V-2.2.0: Web3 Import - Ethereum & Solana

  • Import database structure and datasets from other blockchain databases into IneryDB.


  • V-2.3.0: Value Contract Craft

  • Allow users to define custom rules for database operations and create custom operations simply using the GUI.


  • V-2.4.0: Advanced Query

  • Better integrate IneryQL in the GUI to automate user actions and assist them in day-to-day usage.

  • Predefined queries and Console redesign.


  • V-2.5.0: SQL Import

  • GUI will model SQL database structure into a NoSQL hybrid solution using indexes as keys and migrate data from OracleDB into IneryDB.


  • V-2.6.0: Inery GUI Host

  • GUI will allow users to host images and files locally on their machines by remembering hash and metadata on the blockchain for security.


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